Celebrate Christmas the Old- Fashioned Way

Maybe this is rosy retrospection, but it seems to me that the manner in which we celebrated Christmas back in the good old days was more wholesome and meaningful than the way we do it. Back then, Christmas was a legitimate opportunity to bring the family together, to really reconnect. Maybe it’s the increased consumerism that has changed things or the modern smartphone that everyone has their eyes glued to, but nowadays, the way Christmas is celebrated feels a tad bit diluted. This article is for people, who like me, want to go back to the old ways. Keep reading for some amazing activities that you could introduce to your Christmas festivities, to bring back the old-fashioned vibe!

Having a Real Christmas Tree

This recommendation reminds me of that scene in Daddy’s Home 2 where Brad cuts a fir tree housing communication hardware to prove his mettle. No, don’t do that! That being said, you don’t have to avoid real trees altogether. Plastic has made our lives easier, but it has taken out a lot of authenticity in many things we do- including Christmas. I mean the phrase “plastic” is used to describe ungenuine people and products! Christmas should be as genuine as the message it embodies. This means that the tree too should be real! I mean, you cannot get the fresh smell of a real fir tree from the plastic variants.

Getting a real Christmas tree provides an opportunity for the entire family to bond. This is something that Christmas in the olden days emphasized. Also, turns out that there are plenty of environmental benefits in promoting real Christmas tree farmers as opposed to buying the plastic imposters!

Making Decorating a Family Affair

We leave in a world where no one has time for the things that really matter, like family and friends. Instead of outsourcing decorating duty, why don’t you turn this chore into a fun affair? Invite family and neighbors to decorate your house. Go ahead and have a small decorating party themed around decorating the house. Not only is this a great way of bonding with family, but its also an amazing way to get to know your neighbors. To give the decorative affair a more old-fashioned vibe, consider using chains of colored popcorn garlands instead of the modern lights. While this may be time intensive, what better way to reconnect with the family?

Making a Traditional Christmas Feast

Traditions have great significance in our lives. They reinforce familial bonds over time. That being said because many people simply don’t have the time, many traditions are slowly dying. This reminds me of the Blackish episode where grandma pretends to make the “Christmas Feast” from traditional recipes passed down over generations, only to outsource the job to a catering service! Oh the travesty! Purpose to make enough time to bring back some intentionality to your Christmas meals. And so what if you don’t have a Christmas food tradition, make your own! Needless to say, this too can be a great opportunity to bring the family together through cooking. It takes time, but it’s completely worth it!

Holiday Best Wishes Card

With instant messaging, social media and email making communication so convenient, few people have kept this tradition going. Remember the days when Christmas Cards were well thought out and planned well before the actual event. Some family’s even used to send specialized cards with a family photo attached. There’s a certain connotation of care and love that is reflected when someone hands you an actual handwritten card. Unlike instant messages, with cards, you have to go out and buy the card, then hand write it. Going back to this amazing tradition is a great way to bring back the love in Christmas.

The Christmas Carols

In the olden days, people looked forward to Christmas carols. They were practiced way in advance in readiness for the big day. This tradition is a rarity nowadays. You don’t need to be a family of crooners and songbirds to enjoy this tradition. Also, you may choose to go door to door or have a more private and warm affair at the comfort of your home. Either way, this is a fun tradition that reinforces family bonds. There are many Christmas carol books available online that may help you prepare for your next old-fashioned Christmas!